The CSV of Stock Keeper can contain following values. Most of these values are optional. Make sure to add a CSV header line as first line (as in the sample CSV).

Value Meaning
name Name of the product
sku Unique identifier of the product
barcode Barcode of the product
category Parent category wherein the product resides
comment Additional comments
custom A custom field
details Product details
expires Expiry date of the product in UTC (e.g. 2011-12-29 23:00:00
latitude GPS latitude (e.g. 50.900)
longitude GPS longitude (e.g. 4.425)
location String value for the location (e.g. Brussels)
quantity Amount of units you own (e.g. 3200)
unit Unit type (0 = pcs, 1 = kg, 2 = ton, 3 = gram, 4 = mg, 5 = lb,
6 = oz, 7 = l)
unitCost Cost of 1 product
unitPrice Sell price of 1 product

A sample CSV can be downloaded here.